Our recruitment process has been developed to best meet the needs of our candidates and clients. We understand the need for a flexible, easy to use service.
We have kept the size of our consultancy small, so our clients understand and have a good working relationship with our consultants (We believe that this is key to our success). We understand what you want and will tailor our process to your requirements. We believe that experience delivers excellence.

Hgher Recriutment Services deliver strategic and effective end-to-end large volume recruitment and workforce management solutions from your place of work.

We understand how busy the day to day running of an office can be without the long process of recruiting. To take the stress away our consultants will do the following:
We provide you with a dedicated team that delivers service from your premises. We will design a recruitment and workforce management solution in partnership with you. You will get a quantifiable and sustainable improvement in cost, quality and delivery. Each customer gets a service solution which is agreed and bespoke for your business needs.


Branch supported recruitment supply
On-site partnerships with managed services
Reducing the agencies used with master vendor solutions
Staffing your business with permanent recruitment
Outsourcing routine recruitment practices
Outplacement and redundancy management
Cost reduction and change management consultancy

We can support these with:
TUPE transfer of all or part of a workforce
Supplier change management
Rationalising existing suppliers
Standardising margins, procedures and service
Large volume recruitment campaigns
Downtime, sickness, absence reduction
Retention techniques

Training Academy

These bring real results – workers are better prepared, outputs, motivation and performance all improve. Ask us to come into your business and explain how it can work for you and the benefits to everyone. You won’t regret it so call one of the Directors or consultants and we’ll come and talk to you.

What you get:
An agreed team providing dedicated on site support
Reduction in whole life costs
All orders fulfilled with an agreed, inducted and job ready labour pool
Compliance to legislation and agreed service standards
Detailed and bespoke recruitment and selection criteria established
Agreed payroll and invoicing solutions
Bespoke at a glance and detailed reporting
Protection and enhancement of your employer brand

We can support this with:
A team with years of recruitment experience
Full support to help you negotiate the transfer of service from your existing provider
An agreed step by step implementation of service that is clearly communicated to everyone
A realistic and agreed service, competitively priced with tangible results
Our experience of establishing and managing 70 + on site partnerships
A true customer / supplier partnership
Risk mitigation through various terms of employment

Ideally we like to meet our clients so that we can understand and gain a better feel of the working environment and culture of your company. We understand it may not be compulsory that the personality of our candidate is mandatory to the structure of your company, but we do try always to meet the candidate requirements that you need.

Not only do we complete the basic checks, for temporary candidates, we will take the hassle of completing invoicing, payroll, holiday pay, national insurance and sick pay. We invoice to you for our candidates weekly and liaise with the candidates whether they wished to be paid weekly or monthly.

Also we provide transport from home to job for employee