New in UK. Step by step

We will try to put here step by step what you have to do once they arrive in UK to get documents without paying intermediaries for free services.
The first step would be for NINO programming. 0345 600 0643 is the number and can call you or you call someone else. The call lasts 4-5 minutes and get a reference number and an appointment. Go to interview with the ID or passport (if you have proof of adress) and try to be honest.
Once obtained Nino next step would be to register as self employed (if needed)
Enter here filling in and that’s what you ask … you UTR.
If you do not have proof of adress you can change your license if you do not allow Romanian and can apply for provisional license that is good ft as proof of address. To find this form to post (if you only as A, B).
For bank account you can go to almost any UK bank if you permit or other proof of address. If you do not have proof of adress go to HSBC with your and / or passport and open mind quite simple.
D2 form for professional drivers is to change the license and the tachograph card is D777B form. And contrary to what many say needs to change and certified for the permit, certificate and card tacho should have the same number. If you have not changed ADR.
If you need Company Limited lasts 10 minutes and costs £ 17,5 to do. (Intermediaries asking £ 120).
You may request any other information and we can help you with.